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Lawyer Assistant Accountant Paralegal Manager

Legal Matter

Organize your legal projects. Add notes, expenses, reminders and more. Build a workflow and add tasks relate documents and contributors to the legal matter to make the matters run smoother and easier.

Contract Organization

Manage your bonds & deals. Add due dates, statuses and closure dates to have you all prepared. Relate your drafts, templates and versions. Track notes in a chronological order.

Case Management

Manage your litigation cases. Build your cases lifecycle, categorize cases, manage hearings & estimate efforts, track notes history, schedule reminders and much more.

Document Organization

Arrange all your folders & documents. Add comments and statuses about certain cases that need references. Categorize documents & manage all of them with ease and comfort.


The integrated accounts module track all your transaction and it is easy to manage all your accounting need with an ease.

Contacts & Customer Portal

Centralize your contact list with easy to search handles. Add contacts in a jiffy. Categorize, share, and export your contacts & much more.

Duty Organization

Prepare your team’s work list. Organize tasks lifecycle to fit into your corporate module. Prioritize; manage your hearings, resources and a lot more.


Conceptualize your work in the dashboard. Customize the dashboard to fit in your requirements. Select the language of your preference.

Time Tracing

Make a note of amount of time spent on each of the cases, tasks or any other activity. Construct your reports to inculcate effective efforts. Generate expenses with the help of time tracking.


Share the calendar with your colleagues to make your life as well as your job easier. Schedule events, invite guests, notify your colleagues and much more.

Universal Find Tool

A powerful search engine is implemented on all records, companies, contacts, cases, tasks, reminders, related documents to create a cloud service wherein all data is pooled for s convenient availability.

Notification System

Be notified well in advance about important events and actions. Set your Alarms and replicate them for other colleagues to be alerted to achieve your legal tasks.

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